The output of Description of Alexandria is to be presented in two forms; a book and a periodical journal in a addition to heritage related maps and articles. In the book the city is divided into five areas as shown in, each to be represented in a chapter. The book will include a systematic documentation of each of the areas by describing every building and site recorded on the map. The first volume is dedicated to the part of Alexandria contained within the old city borders. Further volumes can follow, to document the modern parts of Alexandria. The team is currently investigating the first area leading to chapter one that documents the waterfront of the Eastern Harbor of the old city, starting from the fort of Qaitbay and concluding at the new Library of Alexandria. And the journal issues are dedicated to the study of only one building depending on some qualitative factors: age, history, specific architectural features, the building’s function, cultural or religious values and of course the folklore.

Cultural Heritage Map of Alexandria

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The Journal, Issue No.4 “Swedish Institute, Alexandria”

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The Journal, Issue No.3 “Jesuit Cultural Center, Alexandria”

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The Journal, Issue No.2 “Spahi Villa”

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The Journal, Issue No.1 “Casa Di Riposo”

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Description of Alexandria Volume I, Chapter I.: The Old City (The Court of First Instance)

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