Description of Alexandria is a cultural and artistic documentation study seeking to document the heritage of the city and its architectural and cultural memories, presenting a true and actual image of today’s Alexandria and the recollections of the past. It also seeks to enhance the engagement of the society in preserving their legacy through a long-term awareness. The research and intended publications are to be carried out by a team of architects, artists, and researchers and it was initiated in 2013 by architect and researcher Mohamed Gohar.

In an attempt to achieve the former objectives, description of Alexandria is based on a first-hand oral investigation and extensive field surveys of the sites and the buildings where the output is to be presented in two forms; book volumes and a periodical journal. The book will include a systematic documentation of the city by describing every building and site recorded on an included map in the book and the journal issues are dedicated to the study of only one building depending on some qualitative factors: age, history, specific architectural features, the building’s function, cultural or religious values and folklore. The methodology to be adopted is primarily qualitative which allows the documentation of both tangible and intangible heritage to describe the buildings and their surrounding environment, the cultural background, memories attached as well as meanings associated with the building.

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17200892_10154899895362481_6553419368019112706_nMohamed Gohar is a senior practicing architect with over 11 years’ experience working in Egypt and the Arab region. Mohamed practice spans projects in housing, institutional and public design within Egypt and regionally, having particular emphasis on historical roots of traditional local architecture and its connection to the modern society.

Gohar is the founder of Description of Alexandria, a documentation project for the cultural heritage of the city of Alexandria, Egypt. He is also known as an artist and researcher born in Alexandria Egypt in 1983. From 2000 to 2010 he studied architecture at the University of Alexandria, the Fine arts school with further studies at the Arab academy. His work on documenting the cultural heritage has gained much recognition among academics and cultural heritage professionals in Egypt and abroad as it has further potential to provide a wide scale survey and library for the architecture and culture of Alexandria, involves engaging the public and capturing the narratives associated with the built heritage. He is also a lecturer and TED speaker. His art work is driven by the social and cultural influences and has been on display in different local and international exhibitions.



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