The Journal, Issue No.2 “Spahi Villa”, February 2015

As part of our efforts to document the cultural and architectural heritage of Alexandria, the Description of Alexandria team publishes a regular issues, titled The Journal. This installment documents the Spahi Villa in Stanley. When most Alexandrians talk about the Stanley neighborhood, they are usually referring to the massive bridge that dominates the area and has become a major landmark in the modern city. However, sitting quietly across the natural bay that is the neighborhood’s namesake stands a fading villa, ignored by most, but holding its own. As the face of Alexandria shifts, the Spahi Villa watches on, a testament to a former life that is still hanging on. We would like to thank Description of Alexandria team members Mohamad Gohar, Mai Koraiem, Lamis Solyman, Arwa Hany, Moustafa Khedr, Yomna Ibrahim, David Ashraf, Marwa Kamel, Mohamed El gohary, Esraa Magdy and Chase Smithburg for their contributions to this issue of The Journal.

We would also like to convey thanks to Karima Khalil, Spahi family especially Suzanne Spahi, Professor Khaled Raouf and professor Islam Asem for their invaluable assistance, support, and encouragement.

Download the PDF version:

Spahi Villa


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