Call for volunteers


Submission Deadline 01. 09. 2014

Requirements: CV and motivation letter 

For further information or to apply:

 1- Urban Sketchers

• Artistic background is a must.

• Very good freehand drawings and sketching skills.

• Familiarity with the different sketching techniques.

• Previous experiences in similar projects would be appreciated.

• Commitment and ability to in a team.

• Recent architectural and urban sketches samples to be sent with the resume.

 2- Marketing and Media

Generally responsible for delivering the project’s activities to various stakeholders, Encourage stakeholders to participate in the project’s different events through creative ads. and ideas and designing the general identity of project, Materials, printouts and promotions.

General Duties:

• Document the project’s events and activities through photos and videos.

• Manage the social groups and pages and maximize the level of reach of the project’s.

• Attract and engage stakeholders into the project.

• Create promotions and publish the newsletters.

• Coordinate with PR in contacting media representatives.

• Video editing.

 3- Public Relation

Generally works to sustain the mutual understanding between project activities and its stakeholders and protect the external image of the campaign and responsible for the relations between the project and the others.

General Duties:

• Represent good public relations strategies for the project.

• Develop and sustain good relationships with VIP’s, NGO’s, and initiative’s representatives.

• Maintain goodwill and mutual trust with VIP’s, NGO’s, and initiative’s representatives.

• Fulfill all the public relations tasks and duties for the project.

• Conduct orientations in Art centers and culture centers and targeted sites.

• Assist with the organisation of all meetings.

 4- Human Resources

Generally works to help the maneger in directing the project and responsible for directing other teams and evaluate them.

General Duties:

• Assist with the update of the National Networks database and online Network pages

• Assist with the management of the Network Strategic Development Scheme including evaluation of activities, technical reports and applications.

• Assist with the data collection.

• Assist the programme unit in supporting activities organization and the materials edition.

• Assist the monitoring and evaluation team in the tasks of data collection.

5- Architecture Photographers


 General skills and qualifications needed for team member

• Leadership skills.

• Co-operative.

• Work under stress.

• High presentation skills.

• Staff management experience.

• Self-Motivated.

• Self-Learner.

• Good figure.

• High communication and time management skills.

• High negotiation skills.

• Respect the schedule and planning process.

• Keep the same quality of work throughout the project process.

• Speed and multitasking.

• High level of commitment.

• Innovative and critical thinking.

• Excellent Languages skills.







  1. Noha Bazazo

    it gives me a pleasure to help in media and presentation which I`m working in filming and just finished my documentary filming workshop and got selected to broadcast my short documentary in Germany next August and would like to help you in document Alexandria heritage.

  2. Many thanks Noha its our pleasure to join us, please send a resume and contacts details to the mentioned mail and we’ll contact you back.

  3. Dalia

    I would like to be a volunteer in the Human Recourses Committee. Thank you

  4. Regarding the Human Resources Committee,
    what are the expected working hours per week?
    when is the deadline of application?
    will it be work-from-home and online only? or face-to-face office environment?

    • Mainly, weekly meeting on Tuesday for two hours discussing the frame-work of the project and following up with the team, and the rest will be home paperwork and online discussion.
      The deadline of the application will be 15. 08. 2014
      Thanks for consideration

  5. reham kamel

    I would like to be a volunteer in the Public Relation Committee. Thank you

  6. Noha Fikry

    Great Idea,
    as for Human Resources, would the meeting schedule consider the daily working hours or it requires non working people? thanks 🙂

  7. merna hesham

    my applied e mail was arrived or not ??

  8. iam agriculture eng, have master degree in department of flowers and ornamental plants . also i have talent to draw portraits and landscape and gardening .. can i send my cv and share u as volunteer

  9. Mohammad Rageb

    Its a great opportunity & will probably add me a lot of experience, I’ll be sending an email to this address by tomorrow isA… Looking forward to be part of such a unique project.

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